Why Choose Us

1. The Staff We Hire

Simple Solutions For Home Care has ideal standards for the caregivers we hire.

  • Each potential caregiver has to undergo a thorough screening prior to being offered a position with Simple Solutions For Home Care.
  • Our screening process starts from the first conversation we have with the potential caregiver.
  • At our interview process, behavioral and values testing evaluates the applicant for honesty, compassion, work ethic and compatibility to name just a few.
  • Each applicant must successfully pass both written and skilled competency testing, work history is evaluated then verified, references are checked.
  • A physical, and negative Mantoux (tuberculin skin test) is required.
  • Extensively screened both at the State and Federal Level, which includes drug, TB skin, and background screens
  • Certified by Institute for Professional Care Education in specialty care areas
  • Required CPR certification

2. How We Protect You

  • Each of our caregivers are covered with Worker’s Compensation Insurance, so there is no liability for you or your family if a caregiver should be injured while in your home or providing services to you.
  • Each caregiver is bonded for $25,000.
  • Un-owned auto insurance is also included free of charge by Simple Solutions For Home Care. (In the event of an accident this coverage would be additional coverage above and beyond the caregiver’s automobile insurance.)
  • Simple Solutions For Home Care carries General and Professional Liability Insurance in the amounts of $1,000,000 / $3,000,000.

    3. Supervision of Staff & Progress Reporting

    • Caregiver performance is regularly reviewed by a Registered Nurse with client approval.
    • Visits to the client’s home are made by a Registered Nurse who will evaluate the caregiver’s performance and will perform an assessment of the client.
    • Changes to the client's plan of care can be adjusted during times of evaluations as needed.
    • No fees are generated for supervision/progress reporting services.
    • Someone from the office will always be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any urgent needs.